Woo Pure's Story

A while back one of our friends, a beautiful blonde blue eyed young woman, had everything going her way. Then she got Alopecia areata – a condition where a person loses their hair in various places. In her case, she lost her eyelashes and eyebrows. Soon after, her marriage ended. She had so many challenges, foremost her self esteem which was all but lost. She was both heartbroken and hopeless.

So, we kept this memory in the corner of our minds and when Woo Pure launched its line which was supposed to provide aesthetic products. To give you the tools you need to express yourself through your natural beauty within, our team made the decision to start distributing WooLash, an eyelash growth serums for ladies who are suffering from sparse and short lashes. Woolash gets amazing results and understanding how important it is for a person to feel “whole” – losing eyelashes can effect a paradigm shift in how one feels on the inside and interacts in the world on the outside. Don’t let hair loss control your life. Try Woolash and take charge of your destiny.

At the end it is wonderful to just embrace the natural beauty within, you just need right tools to unleash the power within, and it is Woo Pure’s honor and commitment to support you on your journey.