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2019 Advanced Innovative Formula Eyelash Growth Serum (7 ml)

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Customers Testimonials

Excellent customer service

Had some issues with my shipping details and contacted the service team through chat and was refunded very quickly. Happy with my experience of this company.

Verified Purchase

I have tried similar products and I like prefer this one

The bottle is full of product and you know you have some on the brush when you pull it out. It feels smooth on my lashes and brow and has not been an irritant at all. I will continue to use WooLash in the future.

Natalie Menck
Verified Purchase

First Time User Of Serums

It was my first time using a lash growth serum, I was not sure that it would really work or that it was worth the money. I took a chance and bought WooLash. I do not regret it. I have used it every night and have noticed first the length of my lashes and then with continued use, the thickness has really improved! I sometimes do not even use mascara!!! I know my lashes are healthier too because they do not come out when I take my make up off anymore.

Anne Johnston
Verified Purchase

Number One

I love this eyelash serum. My Eyelashes are, fuller, darker, thicker, and more filled in. I will order again.

Megan Adamo
Verified Purchase

Extremely Happy, Worth Every Penny!

I love it. My eyelashes fall out and I really need a good serum. I was so allergic to two of the competitors product, I was scared to try anything else. But this product said that it would not cause any irritation or redness or swelling. I was skeptical but I can use this every day without any irritation. I grew back eyelashes that Kept breaking and falling out. I would recommend this to anybody who needs to grow eyelashes and is allergic to everything else thanks to the new innovative formula for fixing other serum brands flaws.

Kelly Simerly
Verified Purchase

I am very happy with this product and will buy it again

I am surprised to find that this product works better then all the other lash serum’s I have tried. I’ve used BabeLash, GrandeLash, RevitaLash and RapidLash… What I like best is that it is an natural product. Very satisfied with the results after using this product after 5 weeks My lashes look longer. I am very happy with this product and will buy it again

Maria Stratton
Verified Purchase

love It

I have never had such long lashes. Absolutely love it! Best eyelash serum, end of discussion. Works well if used as directed.

Brittney Miller
Verified Purchase

This is an amazing product. Tried another with no result but WooLash…

I love this product, it is easy to apply and it is working awesome. Tried another with no result but WooLash really works. I’ve recommended to friends and they’re happy also. Please don’t stop making this.

Elena Lambert
Verified Purchase

WOW Please Try It

I absolutely love this product. My eyelashes have fallen out on both eyes (not completely) due to over curling & mascara every day. It was super embarrassing to look at what I started with. I used WooLash & in just a few days, the hairs are all starting to grow again. This is amazing because for so long it was only a dot of hair but now my eyelashes are actually growing. I’m so happy & can’t wait to feel beautiful again. 🙂

Bria Lisehora
Verified Purchase

Pure WOW

This product is fantastic!! Great results!! This is the second time I’ve ordered an eyelash serum online and this one is definitely more effective than the other one!! The results start to show in only a few days as opposed to a few weeks like the last product. You will love it!

Vanessa Bouknight
Verified Purchase

I Now Have Thick And Long Eyelashes

It took a few weeks but then I had long thick eye lashes. I’m happy with the product and will continue to use it. I’ve been using it on my eyebrows too and see a definite change too.

Alison Sikorski
Verified Purchase

This Is The One

Amazing product! Does exactly what it promises. I used two different competitors product for $30 and the other one over $100, worked well, but after a while of not using it my lashes became thin and started to fall out

Sarah J.
Verified Purchase

Five Star

Fantastic and great product! I have beautiful lashes now. Wow!! 🙂

Lisa M.
Verified Purchase

Amazing Result

This product is a miracle, Once I started using it daily, I saw definite results in my eyelash growth. My all family and friends asked me “What did you
do for your eyelashes?”

Emily Torres
Verified Purchase

Perfect Choice

I Bought WooLash serum a few months ago and I use this eyelash serum every other day. it has good results! my Lashes appear much longer and thicker.

Sarah Brooke
Verified Purchase

This product is a great value! No irritation

Easy to apply, and I can see my lashes growing longer with each week of use. My recommendation is to be patience the first several weeks and allow the product to work on you.

Rebecca Lewis
Verified Purchase

Incredible Product

It’s an incredible eyelash serum, I’m in love with the way it has made my lashes thicker and longer in just a couple of weeks, and I have experienced absolutely no irritation.

Nicole N. Foord
Verified Purchase

Works and Affordable

My lashes were just shorter than they used to be, so I saw WooLash and decided to try it…I followed the directions and started to notice a slight difference at 3 weeks, four weeks and the results are very noticeable…my lashes are long again! This was affordable compared to other products I was considering, works and I have had no eye irritation or anything. I highly recommend!

Emma Woodhouse
Verified Purchase

Wow It Works

I visited WooLash’s website by chance and read about its performance. Out of curiosity, I did order it. Woolash made my lashes longer, thicker and more fortified in about 4 weeks. I keep the bottle in my purse and use it every day.

Maria Quiles
Verified Purchase

Effective and Safe

It is hard to convince me to use any product on my eyes. But my chemist friend explained to me how the modified peptide in Woolash performs on the follicles of eyelashes. I started to use it. I did not notice much for about 2 weeks and then by the 4th or 5th week I saw the length and thickness increase and my lashes feel stronger and healthier.

Alexandra Marrone
Verified Purchase

Compliments Galore

I purchased WooLash and after about the 3rd or 4th week I started to notice growth & fullness and that my lashes were thicker and longer, AND I had a lot of compliments on them! I should probably mention that I have also been using castor oil on my lashes, so I’m not sure if that contributed to any growth also. I do not always use mascara because My lashes are long enough that they look pretty good without mascara, but wow do they look great with it lol. Thank you WOOLASH!! I don’t know what should I say, I am very satisfied.

Shawna Manley
Verified Purchase

Longer Lashes!

I love this product a lot, My lashes are definitely longer since using this product. It is easy to use and a tube lasts a long time. I wish it was offered as a subscription!

Amy Baker
Verified Purchase

Really Works!

This is a great product. It prevents my lashes from falling out and I have definitely noticed their enhanced length and volume.

Evelyn Galan
Verified Purchase

Recommended By Specialists

I was using eyelash extensions, and after a while, because of the discomfort and ongoing maintenance, I removed them. There are many serums on the market, but I bought the WooLash serum because my niece recommended it and I recognized and respect the specialist endorsing it on their website as one of the top lash serums. It took a couple of weeks of daily use, and after about 3 weeks to a month, I noticed a considerable difference. My lashes were longer and healthier and even fuller. And they feel stronger and look more youthful. I use it every night, and the results have continued to improve even more. No more eyelash extensions for me! I want the real thing!

Janet Taglieri
Verified Purchase

Great Product

It was a huge obsession for me to find the best eyelash serum! After trying many different products I found WooLash. I have brushed my lashes daily for a month with it and it has made an enormous change in my lashes’ length, volume, and curviness.

Catherine McGrath
Verified Purchase

Really Works and Price is Great

I have used several other eyelash serums (which were much more expensive) and the Woolash brand has provided the best results. Woolash has had an amazing effect on my lashes on an ongoing basis over the last 3 weeks that I have been using it… I use it in the morning and the evening every day and my lashes have become more fully populated and feel much stronger and longer…

Andrea M.
Verified Purchase

Patience – It Works

I have very sensitive eyes. During the cold seasons, I had terrific eye boogers that made my lashes fall out easily. One of my colleagues recommended WooLash to me. Since I started using it my eye boogers have become virtually nonexistent and my lashes have grown longer, become stronger.

Wendy B.
Verified Purchase

It Works Better Than Any Other Product In The Market

I had tried several eyelash serums before I ordered WooLash. It is really the best one I have tried. Been using this for 2 months and have seen a drastic change in my eyelashes! Thank you WooLash!

Jena Priebe
Verified Purchase

5 Star

Wonderful product! I have seen fast results.I would definitely recommend. very happy with this serum!!!

Bee Harris
Verified Purchase

Really Impressed With This Product!

I am so surprised what a difference this product has made on my lashes!!! I used to have fallen lashes every morning on my pillow and they would fall out when I take my make up off also. This product has stopped them from falling out and my lashes have gotten fuller and longer since I started using it. I love it!

Nina Lopez
Verified Purchase

Amazing Miracle Product

I have sparse eyebrows and eyelashes naturally and am always looking for a quality product that I can afford. Several of my friends use many different eyelash serums… so I was not sure which one to try… I am glad I found Woolash! This product works amazing on my lashes! And I don’t have to break the bank.

Wendy Kine
Verified Purchase

This Serum Is Amazing

This serum is amazing! I’ve been using for 2 months and my lashes have probably doubled in length. I haven’t noticed a difference in thickness yet but I’m hoping that will come the longer I use it! The difference in length is worth it for me though.I apply it twice a day and I put a little directly on the eyelash as well. I have had lash extensions for two years and they completely ruined my natural lashes. This is definitely the better route to go if you are considering extensions. Love love this stuff and will continue to use!

Jennifer Trace
Verified Purchase

Worth The Money

I did a lot of research to find eyelash serums and I found a few that either didn’t offer results, were either way too expensive, or had the possible side effect of permanently discoloring your eyes. I decided to give WooLash a try because most of my friends recommended and I figure it out that it’s no side-effects. I did see results within the first two weeks. I’ve already recommended WooLash serum to my some friends who have seen similar results. Overall, and now not just me my friends would say it’s definitely worthwhile.

Tiffany Ferrante
Verified Purchase
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